What is the process if external parties contact me  for an interview or official statement(s) regarding the Grace x Strength brand or Grace x Strength activities?  Am I able to speak on behalf of the brand?

Only Foundational Members are given the authority to speak on behalf of the brand.  The blanket rule is to focus on our mission and vision statements and to avoid digressing from this.  When an external party reaches out, the Foundational Member must get written approval from Jo or Alyssa, before speaking on behalf of the brand.  If you are not a foundational member, please defer all brand and media enquiries to us at


I don’t promote any of my classes as ‘Christian Yoga’.  In fact, I only teach in secular environments.  Can I still become a GxS Member?

Yes, we will still take your application and review it.  GxS is a community of Jesus followers who practice and teach yoga with a Scriptural focus.  How you promote your brand and classes is not for us to define.  We entrust in the Holy Spirit to give you discernment on how to bring your students into the presence of our living God.  We do, however, encourage our Members to use Scriptural themes to set the intention for their classes.  There is nothing more powerful than being steeped in the Truth of God’s Word.


I’m still in training to become a yoga instructor but would like to become listed in the Teacher Directory.  Will you take “teachers-in-training”?

No. Unfortunately, our member listing is for yoga teachers who are certified.  We do this to ensure the integrity of the Directory Listing for the benefit of the community.  We do however, encourage you to sign up once you get your teacher certification.


Where and how can I use my GxS Member Badge or brand in my own marketing?

YOU CAN USE THE GXS MEMBER BADGE ANYWHERE YOU WISH to promote your business or personal profile as long as it is not represented to mislead people that you are a subsidiary or representative of gxs.  If you are no longer a gxs member, your badges are no longer valid and cannot be used.


Can I host GxS branded events in my hometown?

No. Unless co-hosted with official staff members or approved Foundational Members of GxS, Members do not have the authority to host GxS branded events.  We do welcome collaboration suggestions, so please contact us if this is something you want to explore.