The inception of Grace x Strength began in 2015, when Josephine Lau was one of the first few Christian Yoga teachers in Australia to serve the community through Christ-centred yoga. Having spent the first 12 years of her career in corporates and digital marketing, Jo answered her higher calling to transition into full-time yoga teaching after experiencing the physical benefits of yoga for pain relief in her back and for her migraines.

Two years later through God’s connection, Jo was joined by soul sister, Alyssa Mak, to declare Grace x Strength’s mission and vision together. Alyssa was a Pilates teacher and health supplement advocate before receiving confirmation from God that Christian Yoga was her calling, too. Two Kingdom women, 12 years apart in age, living different seasons of life were a match made in heaven for this mission.

Forever the optimist, Alyssa’s passionate, fearless and creative spirit was perfectly balanced with Josephine’s flair in analysis and structure, and the experience she brought from her business background. When you put all of these gifts together overlaid with faith in God’s leadership, you get … Power.

It was this Power that has fuelled these two Christian Yogis when faced with multiple challenges in propelling their mission; their mission to create a safe space to invite people into community to experience grace and strength through Christ-centred yoga and soul care programs.

Aside from all the common challenges most young organisations face, persecution is undoubtedly one of the more difficult ones faced by Grace x Strength. Nonetheless, the founders have navigated these through knowing who they are and whose they are in Christ, staying on mission to glorify Him through their work. One of their favourite mantras are, “Pray on it…. Moving on.”, as their go-to response for all things unknown, unsettling and challenging.

With a heart to serve, spread the Gospel and combining this through the many scientifically-proven benefits of yoga, Josephine and Alyssa stay faithful to God’s calling for them to be the hands and feet of Jesus through this mission.

Now, we are no longer just the TWO. By faith, Grace x Strength has grown into a wider global community, with Foundational Members from all walks of life who share GxS' vision and are here to serve the communities that God has called them into. We are thankful for this gift of breath, movement and community.