"I've been attending yoga with Jo weekly for six months and do everything in my power to make sure I don't miss a session! Jo is caring, professional, listens to what you wish to get out of the class, gentle, and just great at her job! She genuinely wants to see you succeed and to reach your personal goals. It's such a beautiful, calming environment that I always leave class at peace and happy."

~ Shaida Jaber, 1st September 2021

"I did a few 1-to-1 sessions with Alyssa and instantly felt more freedom in movement during my regular gym workouts. Highly recommended for their professionalism and care for your specific fitness goals!"

~ David Lui, 5th September 2021

"Before I went to Jo’s Yoga if someone told me I would love Yoga. I would say no! But once I met and attended Her classes I became a firm believer. Not only is it a safe space to relax. But also a beautiful space to connect with like minded individuals. Love love love it. Highly recommend it."

~ Mona Nizad, 2nd September 2021

"Grace X Strength have been working with our team - from parents to UFC athletes for the last 5 years and we are very grateful for the knowledge and passion they bring to their work. It has not only increased our athlete's performance but also it has prevented injuries and helped them stay calm inside and outside of the ring. Would highly recommend any of their programs, they are detailed and the instruction is excellent. 2 Thumbs up!"

~ Liam Resnekov, 10th August 2021

"Jo & Alyssa are the best Yoga instructors I have ever met. Jo introduced me Yoga 4 years ago and it become a part of my life now. I always feel so relax and refresh after the lesson every week. Also Jo’s relaxing voice makes me calm. I watch Alyssa’s video at home and it’s easy to follow with her instructions. Thanks Jo&Alyssa!!!."

~ Mami Emery, 3rd August 2021

"For context; I'm a martial arts coach and competitor. Over a lifetime of kickboxing, jiu jitsu and wrestling, my body has taken more than a couple licks and gets quite tied up. Yoga has always been in the back of my mind as "something I 'should' do" but just never prioritised. Alyssa recommended her program for martial artists and I have been practicing every other day for a few weeks. My body feels much more in tune itself and yoga has given me some fantastic sleep lately. To be honest, I was intimidated by Yoga. I felt out of place with what I thought I was as an athlete. If you're in a similar boat to me as a coach, athlete or casual practitioner, I would strongly recommend taking the dive with Grace X Strength. Alyssa's programs are designed with you in mind. I will be continuing my yoga journey more seriously as I'm just starting to see the benefits now. Thanks Alyssa!"

~ Justin Hourn, 13th July 2021

"Their workshops are a must! I've been attending for months and I'm hooked! Not only do these classes provide me with an amazing physical stretch (in which I'm sweating buckets) but Alyssa and Jo also link the class to reflecting on your relationship with God. At the end of each of the classes, I've made so much physical, mental and spiritual improvements, something I've found with no other Yoga class before. Also the vibe of the class is so welcoming, you don't feel out of place."

~ Davee Miranda, 25th April 2019

"First time doing yoga and I absolutely loved it ! Alyssa and Jo were so polite and the atmosphere was so comforting, which made it so easy to feel at ease and part of the group 😊 Looking forward to the sessions and workshops in the future !"

~ Jacob Ghersinich, 25th April 2019

"I've been a regular at their monthly workshops and I've gotta say its worth it! Not only do you get a good physical stretch, Alyssa also gives excellent prompts to get you reflecting on God's place in your life. Not to mention, you also get mini surprise gifts each time you attend from their health business sponsors which are excellent in quality!"

~ Ivan Mak, 23rd April 2019

"I attended my first Grace x Strength workshop earlier this month and it was a mixture of stretch/strengthening and alignment work. Alyssa & Jo were extremely thorough in making sure our form was correct and giving everyone the individual attention they needed. I left feeling strengthened and most of my lower back tension/soreness was gone! I would highly recommend trying them out! :)"

~ Jessica Jin, 23rd April 2019

"Jo and Alyssa pour passion and love into their classes. They are both so talented, creating classes that have explicit teaching for all levels and beautifully entwine a biblical lesson or theme into it. Their love for yoga and for God shines through their teaching and is felt by all who participate in their classes."

~ Monique Forward, School Teacher & Yoga Teacher, 23rd April 2019

"I absolutely love these girls! I live in America and really appreciate all the various God-centered offerings they provide online and anywhere. Their heart for Jesus and wholeness is reflected in every single session, which by the way are beautifully presented. As a somewhat beginner, I was not intimidated or overwhelmed like I’d found in other videos, it’s just p perfect! I highly recommend checking them out! xoxo"

~ Terri Fitch, 18th April 2019

"After having 2 knee surgeries in the past year, I was left with little to no mobility in my hips or knees. It made my athletic life very difficult. I have consistently worked with Alyssa for 3 months, and I have not only regained lost mobility, I have drastically increased my range of motion in my hips, shoulders, chest and knees. This is the best my joints have ever felt. I thoroughly recommend you try out her classes; for me, it was the best decision I've made all year."

~ Nicholas Teskantas, 16th August 2018

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to Yoga with Alyssa. Your classes have been so enjoyable and something to look forward to every week. I will miss your weekly face to face sessions, but wish you every success with your online tuition. Thank you for inspiring me to love and continue yoga."

~ Tina Gibson, 20th July 2018

"LOVE the classes I’ve done with Josephine! A perfect release from the stress’s of daily life."

~ Ange Smith, Social Media & Business Consultant, 6th June 2018

"The classes are the perfect combination of yoga, Jesus, meditation, mindfulness and kindness. Jo is a fantastic teacher who encourages me in my physical abilities and in my faith. I’m really looking forward to Grace x Strength classes becoming a weekly occurrence for me."

~ Hayley Young, Business Consultant, 25th March 2018

"Wow had a wonderful experience at the Vision Casting and Grace Flow Workshop in Melbourne! Thankyou so much Jo and Alyssa for running this workshop. Such godly and gifted women you are. Our breath is so important because it is a gift from God, how true! It had been quite some time since I had done yoga, now realise how much I have missed it- and the benefits it is to your mind, body and spirit. "

~ Kimberley Gorfine, Nurse, 23rd March 2018

"I have attended yoga classes before but this was my first time experiencing a Christ-centered one and it was a refreshing experience. I enjoyed meditating in God's words as Jo & Alyssa guided us with different poses with grace + flow. The workshop was organised with so much love and I'm blessed to be part of this community. It is a very holistic way to connect to our body, mind, soul + spirit."

~ Melissa Leong, Life Coach, 20th March 2018

"I attended the Vision Casting and Grace Flow Yoga Workshop. I was seriously impressed by Jo and Alyssa - they were so welcoming, encouraging. knowledgeable and they challenged us on the mat. Jo connected our practice to the Word beautifully, and Alyssa went through posture breakdowns which were so helpful. I'm so looking forward to attending regular classes and connecting with other women a part of the Christian Yoga movement in Melbourne. Thank you for an amazing day ladies."

~Lauren Mdluli, Founder of Stat.of.Flo Weaving, 19th March 2018

"I attended the Vison Casting with Grace Flow Workshop hosted by Jo & Alyssa along with Fideliz Cruz in Melbourne. Jo & Alyssa are personal, sincere, and genuine in welcoming everyone into the Christian yoga community. The practice was accessible yet challenging and a wonderful way to connect mind, body, and spirit together."

~ Kirstie Ford, 19th March 2018

"As a Boxing and Brazilian-Jiu-Jitzu coach I highly recommend Alyssa Mak’s Yoga Class, it has helped me personally a lot to achieve way more Joint mobility and way more muscular flexibility!"

~ Eddy Kaliboti, Boxing and Martial Arts Coach, 29th January 2018

"Alyssa is the happiest person in the world! Her classes are very exhilarating and makes me feel motivated and supported!"

~ Karena, Owner of Balmain SP Mobile, 29 January 2018

“Having helped Jo in some of her Holy Yoga lessons at Wesley Mission, I am blown away by the authenticity and care she shows to her students. Jo’s knowledge of Chair Yoga and her ability to beautifully interweave bible teachings and values into her yoga lessons are remarkable. It was clear that she has earned the love and respect of her students, because of her genuineness in helping her students. I would definitely recommend practising with her if you have the chance to!”

~ Rachel Pann, Yoga Teacher, 2nd May 2017

“Josephine’s yoga classes are perfect for all levels. She leads her classes well at a good, calming pace and has a great knack for making each student feel comfortable but stretched at the same time. Jo is a great yoga practitioner of course, but what I particularly like about Jo’s classes is that I walk out feeling very relaxed but energized every time!”

~ Carol Yee, Brand Manager, 1st May 2017

"I started taking lessons with Alyssa purely for physical reasons after realising my posture was becoming more stooped and I was experiencing upper back pain and shoulder stiffness for most of the day. What I’ve experienced and gained is so much more. With each pose and lesson line-up, I find myself getting stronger, more flexible and can hold a good posture for longer periods of the day. With each lesson theme and each session, I have discovered subtleties in my character and my fears that I’ve never been conscious of, which I now work on improving in my everyday life. This dedicated hour each week that I have committed to for the past few months has indeed been a gift that keeps on giving."

~ Elaine Phua, Doctor, 2 February 2018

“Jo is an annointed leader in the Australian and global yoga community, both on and off the mat, and you will be so blessed by her teaching. Yoga means ‘union’ and Jo brings an truly annointed union of heart, mind, soul and strength to her practice, and will gently guide you to do the same through her inspirational teaching. Jo brings strength, grace and creativity to her sequencing – you will be nourished and enriched physically, emotionally and spiritually by her classes. Through Jo’s pure love of the practice you will be encouraged to find new joy and freedom on the mat, I can’t wait for you to experience it!!!”

~ Joanne Tweedie, Brand Manager & Founder of, 29th April 2017

“Josephine’s class is wonderful, she has assisted me in breathing, alignment and postures. Her class is mentally and spiritually enhancing. Jo is a sincere individual who goes out of her way to help anyone. I recommend her class to everyone!”

~ Navlina Kalra, Dance Teacher, 29th April 2017

“I enjoyed my classes with Jo. She is an excellent instructor, extremely well experienced and most importantly she looks after each of her students. Highly recommended.”

~ Chanel Lam, Financial Analyst, 28th April 2017

“I love Holy Yoga with Jo! She is clear with her directions and caters the class to all levels of students. During the classes, she constantly encourages me to keep expanding my capacity physically, mentally and spiritually. I really enjoyed how she would use a verse from the Bible or a quote to meditate on during the classes and keep reminding us of the intention within the different poses practiced. Holy Yoga gives me whole new way to have quiet devotion time and draw deep from God’s love. Classes with Alyssa definitely leave my body toned in all the right places! I love the feeling of my core, legs and glutes feeling like they had a good work out the day after!! Her classes cater to all levels because she always give alternative positions for beginners to advanced levels!! Can't wait till my next class!!”

~ Roxy Leung, Founder of Salt + Glow, 5th December 2016

“Jo is a beautiful spirit filled Holy Yoga teacher and a very special person with a massive heart. Her class is guided with clear instructions, a supportive & stimulating environment. I am very grateful to have attended her class whilst visiting Sydney and am very inspired to share similar Holy yoga concepts in my classes. I highly recommend Jo’s classes to you to open your deeper spiritually!”

~Helen Mison, Yoga Teacher and Social Marketer at Modēre, 19th November 2016

"Alyssa is an amazing instructor, she gives the best tips and really lives by her teachings. Be ready to see some amazing results but heads up you'll be super sore the next day!"

~ Karen Zhang, Founder of Kabi Bottle, 7th October 2016

"Alyssa's classes are always so fun and positive to be a part of, she constantly challenges her students and brings her own unique personal flare to her teaching style."

~ Janie Lai, Architecture Student & Yogi, 7th October 2016

"Loved the class. Alyssa pushed me just that little bit further than I thought I could push myself. She utilised the whole hour and did quick stretches between exercises as short breaks. Great knowledge of how to correct posture and make stretches/exercises harder or easier according to your level. Will definitely be back for another class next week!"

~ Jessica Yim, Radiographer at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, 7th October 2016

"Thanks for teaching at Cancer Council Alyssa! All my colleagues enjoyed your session very much :)"

~ Harriet Hui, Research Assistant at Cancer Council, 7th October 2016

“We tried the class today and all enjoyed it so much, Jo is a great teacher and very clear instructions for all levels, plus the use of Bible verses during the lesson , a total workout, inside out”

~ Jenny Kuk, Homemaker, 26th August 2016

“Thanks so much for today Jo it was definitely worth the trip down from the central coast. I loved your Holy Yoga class as it stretched me physically but also stretched me spiritually as I focussed on your Bible verse about God’s love for me and how I can demonstrate his love to my children.”

~Linda Hemmings-Cooke, Early Childhood Teacher, 15th August 2016

“Super relaxed and easy going class. No pressure on getting it right the first time, each pose is explained, corrected and practiced a few time to ensure we dont hurt ourselves. Highly recommend Jo especially those trying it out for the first time, love it!”

~ Amy Chan, Hair & Makeup Artist at, 23rd January 2016

“I enjoy Jo’s class so very much! I love the great feeling after practicing Yoga with her. Thanks a lot for your love & kindness and an effort you put into each class.”

~ Naoko Watarai, Floristry Teacher and Owner at Flower Stories, 2nd December 2015

“I love holy yoga Jo is so dedicated and a lot of fun, although she works you hard!”

~Alvia Banzato, Teacher & Celebrant at, 1st December 2015

“What a wonderful way to train ourself in both spiritually & physically at the same time.”

~Peggy Tam, Housewife, 30th November 2015

"Alyssa 是一位對瑜伽充滿熱情的導師。 一開始她是我的Pilates instructor, 她非常的friendly, 上她的課讓我覺得好放鬆,每次遇到困難的動作,她都會耐心的教導。我們有着共同的信仰,當我知道她想要進修Holy Yoga, 我是100%的支持她。因為我們都有着相同的目標,希望通過Holy Yoga, 讓更多的人認識我們的神。Alyssa 現在不仅僅是我的瑜珈導師,更像是我的朋友。"

~ Katrina Zhang, House Wife, 2nd February 2018

“Thank you beautiful Jo for an amazing Holy Yoga class. It is a wonderful journey to look within ourself, aligning our physical body and reconnect with God. Thanking Him for what he provided us and seeking His guidance for what is yet to come. It was a totally relaxing and happy experience!!”

~ Cheryl Lee, Beautician, Life Coach & Entrepreneur, 16th October 2015

“Jo is indeed a heaven sent! For ages, I have been on numerous try outs to keep myself fit and healthy, however it didn’t appeal that much to get my commitment towards continuing on until I have been in Holy Yoga. I have tried the initial class, and with that one hour – it felt eternity and had regained my sanity! You get to exercise in the form of yoga, be able to meet new people, a highly positive environment, an escape from the crazy world, and the most is you get to reconnect yourself with God – i guess it did tick all the boxes for me! Really looking forward to the classes – so now I say bring it on Sunday!”

~ Cristina Yumul, Account Manager, 20th September, 2015

“Absolutely loved my Holy Yoga Class! Such a refreshing experience! I loved that we were able to reflect on God’s word throughout the class and enjoy His presence through the music and the movements. it was my first yoga experience and i am in love! Thank God for Holy Yoga Australia! This is just what we need! with such a busy life style and so many things going on these days, Holy Yoga is a must! Thank you Jo!“

~ Fideliz Cruz, Personal Stylist at, 8th September, 2015

“I thoroughly enjoyed my first yoga class with Jo. Life can be quite hectic sometimes and having a chance to meditate on God’s words while doing yoga poses that is good for the body, I think, is an awesome combination and something that I am looking forward to doing on a regular basis. We had the class on a Sunday afternoon and it was definitely a great way to end the week and get myself ready for the following week both physically and spiritually. I highly recommend Jo’s holy yoga class!“

~ Pia O’Connell, IT Executive, 5th September, 2015

“For me, more than yoga is the spiritual connection of my body, my soul and my faith in God. No matter what religion you are in, this class is the fulfilment of my week for my day-to-day challenges. Jo is a blessing and illuminated spiritual person that brings light to my life and make my way on earth better and better … Now I can’t live without Holy Yoga!”

~Mary Ramirez, Graphic Designer, 3rd September 2015

“Today is my 3rd lesson in Holy Yoga. I found it amazingly good both physically, mentally and spiritually. How good is that we can relax, worship our God while doing excercise. I was having a very bad headache from yesterday but it has totally gone after the lesson. Every time when I came back from holy yoga, my husband said he could easily tell from my face and asked me to do it everyday.”

~ Mabel Lam, Retiree, 28th August 2015

“Thank you, Jo for such an awesome class this morning. Such a blessing to incorporate fellowship and a workout! You are an incredibly anointed lady and I cannot wait for the next class. Thank you”

~ Rejeanne Balarin, Stay-at-Home Mum, 22nd August 2015

“What an amazing class Jo holds everytime! A great reminder of things I should be practicing everyday not only physically but mentally as well as spiritually. Highly recommended for those who want a little more than just a yoga practice with added Holiness.”

~Julia Lin, Floristry Business Owner at Itty Blooms, 14th August 2015

“I attended Jo’s Holy Yoga class last week and I felt very happy after the class. Not only did I exercised and did some really good stretches, I also got to meditate on God’s word! Jo started the class with reading out the verse from the Bible, Colossians 3:12-14 and asked us to mediate the words that stood out to us. Through out the class Jo reminded us of God’s grace and love for us and that our body is the temple of God, therefore it is important for us to give thanks to God and take care of our bodies. I could really feel the sense of Holy Spirit filled in the room! It was an amazing experience! Thank you Josephine Lau for such a wonderful class and customizing the class for me, the stretches really help me loosen my tight shoulders!!”

~ Julie Tan, Stay-at-Home Mum, 9th August 2015