• Christian Yoga Review
    The classes are the perfect combination of yoga, Jesus, meditation, mindfulness and kindness. Jo is a fantastic teacher who encourages me in my physical abilities and in my faith. I’m really looking forward to Grace x Strength classes becoming a weekly occurrence for me.
    Hayley Young
    Working Mum
  • christian yoga review
    LOVE the classes I’ve done with Josephine! A perfect release from the stress’s of daily life.
    Ange Smith
    Social Media and Marketing Consultant
  • Grace x Strength Yoga Review
    After having 2 knee surgeries in the past year, I was left with little to no mobility in my hips or knees. It made my athletic life very difficult. I have consistently worked with Alyssa for 3 months, and I have not only regained lost mobility, I have drastically increased my range of motion in my hips, shoulders, chest and knees. This is the best my joints have ever felt. I thoroughly recommend you try out her classes; for me, it was the best decision I've made all year.
    Nicholas T
    Martial Artist
  • christian yoga review
    Jo and Alyssa pour passion and love into their classes. They are both so talented, creating classes that have explicit teaching for all levels and beautifully entwine a biblical lesson or theme into it. Their love for yoga and for God shines through their teaching and is felt by all who participate in their classes.
    Monique Forward
    Yoga Teacher
  • Love these yoga classes! Always such a fun family environment where you can feel comfortable and not judged at all! Love what the yoga does for my body I always leave feeling loosened and strengthened, but love even more the space it creates to connect with God. Thanks Jo and Alyssa! 💗💗💗
    Kim Felton
  • christian yoga review
    I will be honest that I am not exactly your typical yogi. But at the beginning of this year, I made a goal that I was going to spend 15-30 minutes a day to start doing some yoga. I believe it will help me to manage the challenges and stress that I am constantly under in my current work & life. Though I really only completed one basic lesson on breathing techniques, I have found it useful because it really helps me to become much better at overcoming some of my daily challenges so far. I'm still trying to make it a regular thing..., but this is a start right? Thank you Grace X Strength for actually creating this amazing platform. I'm very sure thousands of people are going to be impacted by what you are doing in time to come.
    Sherman Chen
    Children & Youth Technology Coach
  • I love the resources provided by Grace x Strength! Their super affordable online classes make practising yoga at home possible. Super easy access, with a great variety of themed classes. I can choose what I need or feel like for the day and practice the corresponding flow in my own time, own pace, without worrying about the others or any judgement. Literally just roll out a mat and jump on it. For a laidback and choosy person like me this is perfect. Now I practice yoga even more thanks to Grace x Strength. The girls make this convenient, accessible and at the same time I feel supported. Sensitivity and God's message is always experienced in their flow. So glad that now I can also connect with God on the mat. It's amazing!
    Allie Li
    Life Coach
  • I absolutely love these girls! I live in America and really appreciate all the various God-centered offerings they provide online and anywhere. Their heart for Jesus and wholeness is reflected in every single session, which by the way are beautifully presented. As a somewhat beginner, I was not intimidated or overwhelmed like I’d found in other videos, it’s just perfect! I highly recommend checking them out! xoxo
    Terri Fitch
    Faith Blogger
  • These wonderful people, through the love and power of Jesus Christ, have helped heal my body and mind from post-traumatic stress. To which I say thank you!
    Flip Knox
    Organic Soul Outreach

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