Jam Jar by Roger Bright

Love is love. I learnt how to be with this truth through my journey of emptying my “Jam Jar” while learning yoga in 2015.

A worldly Jam Jar has only one use. Discarded once its content is consumed. A saved and repurposed Jam Jar is an empty vessel waiting for its next use. This is a new life of direction and purpose. For a Jam Jar to start its second life it first has to have its contents cleared out first. This is my journey while practising yoga of doing exactly this.

This is where I started my spiritual journey, guided by a inner sense and call for a life with less Jam. I started creating more space by removing the stickiest items in my Jar. My sugar and preservatives addiction.

This was the first step to living a life today as a husband with a loving wife, Kingdom of Heaven mentality and a creative happy business that leverages great relationships and connections around the world.

To remove the stickiness of a Jar you need to first apply heat. At this point I discovered Hot Yoga. It was through the binds, self surrender and stillness that I begun having more “time” and changing direction. A spaciousness had started creating not yet in my mind but within my lifestyle choices instead.

I had literally begun to sweat out the flesh as I began nurturing my soul through the warmth of gentle practices, learning to be soft with myself as well. The embodiment of being in the body and developing a inner practise allowed me to open my eyes.

With the new chapter of a new home only 2 minutes from a studio (a key criteria) came a new diet and new health.  With the weight and pain stripping of me so did the fleshy things from the past that used to influence my mind before. In a sense I started driving differently, exploring relationships and chance encounters with a new light, challenging myself to see things in a lighter more joyous heart centered way rather than with the heavier mind of past.


My life was being moved from a self-immobilisation to a self-love, guided by a gentle initiated internal force of which I did not yet understand. My packaging was being stripped back and my Jar was getting readied to be filled for a new life. I was being tested to see where life began next, the spiritual world and a relationship with the father had been opened.

True, full, all-bandwidth Love is what I experienced on the day of surrendering my suffering and fear. An outpouring of the Holy Spirit came through my heart, lungs and life to a life of instant relationship. This was the biggest Super Nova of my life. Life changed. The I Am came pouring through. I surrender all on this day in a park shortly after my morning practise.

The Jam Jar was literally being stripped clean by the power of the Spirit and refurbished with love. There was Jesus holding my hand and feeling that friendship and oneness with Him.

The Jam Jar had been saved and had been repurposed for a new infilling of Love instead.  

Roger Bright
Founder at Supreme Roasters & Open House Coffee Roasters, Find him here @brightersideoflife

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