Warrior One VS Crescent Lunge

It’s not uncommon for people who have just started practicing yoga to get confused between certain poses.  Warrior 1 versus Crescent Lunge is one of them. Here, we look at the differences between the two poses and the benefits of each.

Crescent Lunge and Warrior 1 look very similar front on - arms reaching up, hips squared (inner rotation of both legs) and torso facing the front.  The only difference is in the the foot of the back leg. 

Crescent Lunge

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Variation 1

The heel of the back foot is lifted off the mat, toes are tucked under and pressing into the ball of the foot, sending energy through the sole of that foot backwards.  Knee of the back leg is lifted and leg is straight.  This variation stretches the hip flexors and the quadriceps muscles of the back leg, but stretches them more than in variation 2.

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Variation 2

In this variation, the knee of the back leg is bent.  This activates the the quadricep muscles of both legs more than variation 1. This variation is more accessible for those with very tight hip flexor muscles as they may not be able to extended the back leg straight.  This offers more strength-building in both legs than in variation 1.





Warrior 1 

 Warrior 1

Warrior 1

 Crescent Lunge

Crescent Lunge

The sole of the back foot is completely grounded on the mat with toes pointing 45 degrees away from the midline.  

This pose strengthens the ankles, feet, hamstrings, quads, shoulders, arms, core and back.  Because the back foot is completely planted on the mat, this pose provides more stability than Crescent Lunge and relieves the core muscles ever so slightly, compared with Crescent Lunge but it’s important to remember that core engagement is always good practice in any yoga pose.

We hope this clears up confusion between the two poses, if you had any!

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With Grace & Strength,

Alyssa + Josephine xx